Finance Director

The Village’s Finance Director/Treasurer is the lead staff person for all financial matters, and that position is currently held by Tasha Rass.  Directing the work of others, the Finance Director/Treasurer ensures that the public’s funds are accounted for, and available to meet public policy objectives as directed by the Village Administrator and the Village Board as well as appropriate Committees and Commissions. 

Summary Description

This is a position with a variety of accounting and administrative duties, including responsibility for the collection, receipt, accounting, disbursal and deposit of all Village funds. 

Essential Functions

  • Responsible for all aspects of financial oversight of Village, enterprise and special revenue funds.
  • Establishes and verifies financial control practices and procedures.
  • Monitors bank/investment accounts for security and to maximize earnings. Monitors Village and enterprise cash flow needs and ensures that loan and bond payments are made on schedule.
  • Reviews account number assignments and postings to the General Ledger to insure that revenues and expenditures conform to budgetary segments.
  • Serves as Human Resources manager, with oversight of payroll and benefits.
  • Keeps updated on all applicable laws and regulations.