Village Clerk

The Village of Sister Bay has an appointed Clerk, and that position is currently held by Heidi Teich. A brief description of Heidi’s job duties follows:

  • Participate in the administration of municipal elections, including preparation and distribution of ballots, appointment and training of election officers, and tabulation and certification of results.
  • Record and edit the minutes of meetings, then distribute them to appropriate officials and staff members
  • Plan and direct the maintenance, filing, safekeeping, and computerization of all municipal documents.
  • Issue public notification of all official activities and meetings.
  • Maintain and update documents such as municipal codes and city charters.
  • Prepare meeting agendas and packets of related information.
  • Prepare ordinances, resolutions, and proclamations so that they can be executed, recorded, archived, and distributed.
  • Respond to requests for information from the public, other municipalities, state officials, and state and federal legislative offices.
  • Perform general office duties such as typing and proofreading correspondence, distributing and filing official forms, and scheduling appointments.
  • Research information in the municipal archives upon request of public officials and private citizens.
  • Perform contract administration duties, assisting with bid openings and the awarding of contracts.
  • Collaborate with other staff to assist in the development and implementation of goals, objectives, policies, and priorities.
  • Serve as a Notary Public.
  • Issue various permits and licenses, including alcohol, tobacco and dog licenses, and collect appropriate fees.
  • Provide assistance to persons with disabilities in reaching less accessible areas of municipal facilities.
  • Process claims against the municipality, maintain files and log of claims, and coordinate claim response and handling with municipal claims administrators.