Alcohol Licensing

If you are looking to obtain a liquor license in the Village of Sister Bay, please familiarize yourself with the Retail Alcohol Beverage Licensing Information available on the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website.  


No person may allow another to use his license or permit to sell alcohol beverages  (ss. 125.32(2m) and (125.68(2m).  The license must be held by the actual operator who is deriving the profits.  The licensee must have control (lease or ownership) of the premises.  All licenses and permits in connection with the sale of alcohol beverages must be held by the licensee.


_____  Individuals, Partners and Agents of Corporations and Limited Liability Companies must show proof that they have COMPLETED THE BEVERAGE SERVER TRAINING COURSE unless the person is renewing a license; within the past 2 years the applicant(s) held a manager’s or operator’s license, or held or was agent of a corporation or limited liability company that held a Class “A” beer, Class “B” beer, “Class A” liquor, “Class B” liquor, or “Class C” wine license; OR within the past 2 years the person successfully completed such a training course.

_____  Auxiliary Questionnaire(s) (AT-013)  For individuals, members of a partnership or officers / director / member / manager / agent of a corporation, limited liability company or nonprofit organization

_____  Appointment of Agent (AT-104) by Corporation / Nonprofit Organization or Limited Liability Company 

_____  Proof you have CONTROL OF THE PREMISES whether it be by ownership or by lease.  If it is by lease, a copy of the lease must be provided.  Monetary amounts can be stricken from lease.

_____  FEDERAL TAX STAMP (allows businesses to sell alcohol for money) – All alcohol beverage dealers must file a Special Occupational Tax Return before commencing operations for the first time, when there is a change since your last registration or when you discontinue business.  The Special Occupational Tax Return (TTB Form 5630.5d) is available at If you have questions, contact the National Revenue Center at (800) 937-8864 or (513) 684-2979.

 _____  SELLER’S PERMIT from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue – which must be issued in the same name as the licensee.  Application for Business Tax Registration (BTR-101) is available at or register online.  If you have questions, contact the Wisconsin Department of Revenue at (608)266- 2776. 

_____  If applicant has employees, a FEDERAL EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (EIN) is required.  Application for EIN (Form SS-4) is available at or obtain an EIN immediately by calling the Business & Specialty Tax Line at (800) 829-4933.

_____  satisfactory criminal record check

_____  copy of restaurant license (if required)

_____  application must be on file for 15 days before Clerk can bring license to the Village Board for approval

_____  license application must be published during the 15-day filing period

_____  $20.00 Publication Fee must be paid up front

_____  Corporations or Limited Liability Companies are no longer required to register with the Secretary of State’s Office but must register with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions to create a Corporation or Limited Liability Company.  Proof of registration must be provided to the Clerk.  For more information, go to or call (608) 261-7577

_____  Inspection of Application and Premises.  The Building Inspector and/or Fire Chief shall inspect each application and premise to determine whether the applicant and the premise sought to be licensed comply with the regulations, ordinances and laws applicable thereto and the applicant’s fitness for the trust to be imposed.  The Directed Enforcement Officer shall furnish a report to the Village Board concerning any law violations relating to the application and premise including but not limited to the Village’s Municipal Code, Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 125 and other Wisconsin Statutes.

_____  If applicable, current license holder for the premise must surrender their license


Please contact the Village Clerk for more information on Alcohol Licensing, or on licensing for Servers.