Short-Term Rental License Requirements


If you plan to rent a residential dwelling in the Village of Sister Bay for less than 30 days, you must first register that Short-Term Rental (STR) with the Village. 

CLICK HERE to view Ordinance 2023-006 which contains the most recent updates to the Village’s Short-term Rental Ordinance 

The licensing year begins on July 1 and runs through June 30th of the subsequent year.  

You must hold a valid Wisconsin Tourist Rooming House License and be licensed by the Door County Tourism Zone Commission as a condition of obtaining a STR license from the Village.

If the property owner does not reside within 30 miles of the STR during rental periods, there must be a Resident Agent located within 30 miles who can respond 24/7 by phone or email.

You will need to provide a list of Property Rules to your guests and submit a copy with your application to the Village of Sister Bay.  These rules and emergency contact information for the owner/agent will be provided to neighbors within 300 feet of the property by Village staff.  Contents for such Rules are outlined in the Ordinance and License Application.

A STR license may be suspended, revoked, or not renewed when violations of the STR ordinance occur.  

CLICK HERE to access the Short-term Rental License application.  This paper form is temporary as the Village works to move the application process to an online filing system.  Please note that as each year requires a new license, each license application must included all requested documents – even if you have submitted them previously.   In several instances you are asked to provide CURRENT copies of documents.  This means the document you have as of the date you are filing the application.  Therefore, you may be submitting a document that will expire in a month or two after applying for your Sister Bay STR license.  This is to be expected.