Electric, Water, Sewer, Propane, Garbage Collection, Internet & Home Security System Providers

Contacts for Utility Providers in Sister Bay:

Please check with the Village Zoning Administrator before connecting any new gas, water or sewer service

Water and Sanitary Sewer

-Village of Sister Bay Utilities: 920-854-4118 or, at the Waste Water Plant-920-854-2246

Private well and septic service exist in the corporate limits of the Village, and testing is required for those private utilities.  Please contact the Village of Sister Bay Utility Department for questions if you have service of this type.


Garbage & Recycling – The Village currently contracts with Going Garbage to provide garbage & recycling services for property owners in the Village.

Going Garbage

10564 Old Stage Road
P.O. Box 468
Sister Bay, WI 54234-0468
(920) 854-2114


Propane Providers

 317 Green Bay Rd.
Sturgeon Bay, WI
(800) 257-8475
2988 Wanek Rd
Sturgeon Bay, WI
(920) 743-8800
 228 S Neenah Ave
Sturgeon Bay, WI
(920) 743-5945

Electric Service
Attn: Customer Service
P.O. Box 19003
Green Bay, WI 54307-9003
  • Gas Emergencies
    Get out of the house immediately and call us at 800-450-7280
  • Electric EmergenciesReport an Electric Outage
  • Residential 24-Hour Customer Service
  • Business Solutions Center
  • Call Before You Dig

Internet Service Providers 

Home Security System Providers