Resident Responsibilities and Village Ordinances

We do not Govern without the consent of the Governed.  As a Democracy, the Government of the Village of Sister Bay aims to set the standard rather than follow someone else’s.  Whether it is staying informed about Village meetings, attending the Polls to cast a vote, serving as a volunteer at one of our facilities or events….or on a Board, Committee or Commission, there are many responsibilities to be shared to keep our Democracy alive, accountable, efficient, responsive, and relevant.  We encourage your questions, suggestions, criticisms and ideas; without them, we lack the fuel for change and improvement.

As a resident, a general application of common sense and stewardship will go a long way to facilitating positive civic discourse.  Each resident of our community, property owner or not, should strive to maintain themselves and their property in a fashion such that we can all continue to be proud to call Sister Bay home.

Our meeting Agendas and Videos are stored elsewhere on this site.  Our Ordinances are the foundational public policies that Staff are tasked with carrying out.  Please review these at your leisure, and feel free to contact staff, or one of our appointed or elected representatives.

Individual ordinance documents can be found under the “Official Documents” tab on the website homepage.  Look in the folder marked “Ordinances.”