Sister Bay’s Beach Project:

The Sister Bay Beach Project represents the largest urban beach environment in Door County. Featuring unique design elements that enhance public access, our project was the recipient of approximately $534,000.00 in Federal and State Grant Monies, including the Wisconsin DNR Stewardship Grant Program and the Federal Recreation Trails Grant Program. The total construction part of the project will cost approximately $1,200,000.00. The Village has budgeted for this project over many years, and with the addition of the grant monies, it is almost entirely paid for before completion.

The Beach features roughly 600′ of sandy shore, dimension stone seating, rainwater gardens, and a full length, repurposed brick paver sidewalk. The bricks from this sidewalk will be reclaimed from the “Old Helm’s Cottage Parking Lot” right across the street.

The Beach will be protected by “Marked Swim Bouys” which will stretch from the swim dock over to the new rock groin, giving Sister Bay swimmers one of the largest play areas in Door County.

This project is scheduled to be completed by the 4th week of July, with restoration fully taking place in the Spring of 2016.

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