Sledding Hill

The Sledding Hill at the Sister Bay Sports Complex was born out of a desire to continue to provide 1st class amenities to our residents and guests alike.  You might ask, what does The Sister Bay Beach Project have to do with a Sledding Hill, and the answer would be: Everything!  The material for the Sledding Hill is largely excavated cobblestone from the Sister Bay Beach Project, approximately 8000 cubic yards in total.  The cost to dispose of this material would have been in excess of $40,000, as such, a cost savings measure was needed.  Any time government can take an expense and turn it into a potential source of revenue, we’ll call it a win.  In this case, there were lots of wins: Lower carbon emissions for cobblestone disposal, local-sourcing of material for the amenity, and a reduced cost for the Beach Project.  Combine those environmental and financial victories with the thrill of “something to do” in the winter months, and the Village Parks, Properties and Streets Committee and residents alike have a “Green” Project that saved the environment as well as the Village’s checkbook.

The Sister Bay Sledding Hill opens whenever the snow has flown enough to cover the hill and allow for installation of snow fencing.  Please look to the “Open” flag on top of the hill before using the facility, and obey all posted rules for safety at the site.  Good luck to all you would be tubers and sledders out there!  ROSEBUD!!!