Congratulations Newly Elected Village Officials

The results of the April 6, 2021 election are in.  Three incumbent village trustees will continue to serve another term on the Village Board.  Those individuals are Scott Baker, Nate Bell and Chad Kodanko.  The village does have a new president as well – Rob Zoschke.  Rob served on the Village Board from 2017-2019 as a trustee and is looking forward to serving now as president. 

To contact any of your local elected officials – please email the following:

Rob Zoschke – [email protected]

Denise Bhirdo – [email protected]

Pat Duffy – [email protected]

Scott Baker – [email protected]

Vivian Nienow – [email protected]

Nate Bell – [email protected]

Chad Kodanko – [email protected]

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