Curbside Voting

There will NOT be a drive-through voting option for Sister Bay electors visiting the polls on November 3, 2020. Instead, curbside voting will be available only for those who qualify. Wisconsin Statutes 6.82(1) states “A voter who, as a result of a disability, is unable to enter the polling place may elect to receive a ballot at the entrance of the polling place.”

If you are unable to enter the polling place and are in need of curbside voting, there will be a phone number to call posted outside the front door of the fire station on election day. Election inspectors will come to your vehicle to confirm that you are unable to enter the polling location, ask to see photo ID, request your signature on an affidavit as to your registered voting address, and provide you with a ballot. The election officials will then collect your voted ballot and see that it is tabulated immediately. After the election, you will be able to see that your vote was cast by visiting and viewing your voting history.

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